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General Questions

What does MCNW do?

The Milnerton Central Neighbourhood Watch (MCNW) is the eyes and ears of the community. Working closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Community Police Forum (CPF), the MCNW observes and reports criminal activity and is also involved with other activities including operations, visible patrolling, static patrolling and otherwise assisting SAPS in any way required.

What area does MCNW cover?

We've got a great sector map that shows you what area is covered by MCNW.

How is the Community Police Forum related to MCNW?

The Community Police Forum (CPF) is a mechanism through which the community aims to ensure police accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in the community. CPFs are established in terms of section 19(1) of the S.A.P. S. Act, Act 68 of 1995. For more details take a look here.

Does MCNW work together with armed response companies?

As a neighbourhood watch (NW) it is our responsibility to actively work with Law Enforcement (LE) agencies, armed response companies (ARCs) and residents in various ways to keep our neighbourhood safe. 

ARCs are an integral part of a successful neighbourhood watch, they serve as back up for our members who patrol our streets. Milnerton Central Neighbourhood Watch (MCNW) is committed to working directly alongside all armed response companies in Milnerton Central.

Based on our current membership, MCNW has met with a number of the most popular armed response companies operating in our area.  All of whom have committed to working with us to reduce crime in our area and to support the neighbourhood watch. We are and remain grateful for their continued support.

What is the difference between Milnerton Crime Watch Trust and Crime Watch SA?

We often get asked what the difference is between these two armed response companies. 






How do I sign up as a member?

Easy. Take a look at the membership page here.

Why do I need to have a police clearance done to become a member?

This is a precautionary measure: we want to know that we can trust our neighbours. If a police clearance is returned positive this will be evaluated.

MCNW members will potentially be dealing with confidential information (ties in with first point).

It is a requirement for running a NHW.

Do you sign up as an individual or a household?



How much does becoming a member cost?

Please see the membership page here.


Who can join MCNW?

Anyone living in the boundaries of the area as defined in the map. Police clearance is required. See the membership page for details.


What do I get when I become a member?

Please see the membership page for details.





I don’t want to/ can’t patrol. What else can I do?

We have a number of items that you could help with and we would love to hear from you. Anything from logging broken street lights that are reported by those out on patrol to membership database updating.

What does patrolling mean/ involve?

There are two approaches here: being "eyes and ears" see point 4 below; or "active" patrolling, which means walking, cycling or driving through the neighbourhood (within your sector or further) and actively looking for any suspicious activity or signs thereof. We also report on any service related issues such as broken street lights and burst water pipes. You might also come across an open garage door, house door or car window for example.

How do I know what to do on a patrol?

Once you are signed up as a member there is a training session that covers this in detail. Even if you are not interested in actively patrolling, this session is a real eye-opener and you will learn some very interesting things that happen around you everyday that 90% of people are unaware of. Training is compulsary for anyone wanting to actively patrol.

What is “eyes and ears” or “active” mean?

These are simply different types of patrolling. Eyes and ears means that people should be aware and on the lookout for anything strange and report any suspicious behaviour. Active means that you’re willing to actively participate in any form on patrol in the neighbourhood.



General Comments


I pay my taxes... the police are supposed to protect me.

Yes... and they do. But they’re also struggling with reduced budgets, insufficient manpower and inadequate equipment, so they sometimes find it difficult to be everywhere at once.


I do enough for the community already.

A number of our members serve with community service-based organisations and institutions. Being involved takes up little of your time and you can choose when to spend that time. Neighbourhood Watch is not just about protecting the community but also yourself and your loved ones.


I’m out of town a lot...

While you’re away your neighbours look after your property. So any help you can give us while you’re here is much appreciated.


I don’t like social clubs.

The Neighbourhood Watch isn’t a social club – but you get to know your neighbours and you can decide just how much socialising you want to do. You can choose your own level of involvement.


Be involved….. show you care….. do your bit….. make a difference.


I don’t need the Neighbourhood Watch, I have signed up to a response company.

The Neighbourhood Watch helps to maintain the status of your area by discouraging crime in other parts of the area. As a neighbourhood watch you fill gaps not covered by the Police, Law Enforcement and armed response companies. You also act as a multiplier by working with these organisations, making them more effective.


Crimewatch South Africa

Crime Watch SA is a proactive armed response company operating in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland.  They provide a variety of security services.  Their white and blue cars can be seen out on patrol in Milnerton Central.

Milnerton Crime Watch Trust

Community "owned" and run Safety & Security initiative operating in Milnerton Central since 1998. They provide a proactive response service through 24/7 patrols. They do not offer monitoring services, but have partnered with several monitoring providers. Their black and yellow cars are a Milnerton institution. 

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