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General Questions

  1. What does MCNW do?

    • The Milnerton Central Neighbourhood Watch (MCNW) is the eyes and ears of the community. Working closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Community Police Forum (CPF), the MCNW observes and reports criminal activity and is also involved with other activities including operations, visible patrolling, static patrolling and otherwise assisting SAPS in any way required.

  2. What area does MCNW cover?

    • We've got a great sector map that shows you what area is covered by MCNW.

  3. How is the Community Police Forum related to MCNW?

    • The Community Police Forum (CPF) is a mechanism through which the community aims to ensure police accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in the community. CPFs are established in terms of section 19(1) of the S.A.P. S. Act, Act 68 of 1995. For more details take a look here.

  4. How is Milnerton Crime Watch related to MCNW?

    • Milnerton Crime Watch Trust is an armed response organisation operating in the area. You will most likely recognise them by the black and yellow cars. While there is no direct link between the neighbourhood watch and Milnerton Crime Watch Trust, we do work with them and all other armed response organisations operating in the area (Crime Watch SA, ADT etc).





  1. How do I sign up as a member?

  2. Why do I need to have a police clearance done to become a member?

    • This is a precautionary measure: we want to know that we can trust our neighbours. If a police clearance is returned positive this will be evaluated.

    • MCNW members will potentially be dealing with confidential information (ties in with first point).

    • It is a requirement for running a NHW.

  3. Do you sign up as an individual or a household?

    • Individual.

  4. How much does becoming a member cost?

  5. Who can join MCNW?

    • Anyone living in the boundaries of the area as defined in the map. Police clearance is required. See the membership page for details.

  6. What do I get when I become a member?



Next Training dates

7 August 2021 - 9am

11 August 2021 - 6pm

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